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Wrestlemania 29 – #TheDoOver


So the Wrestlemania 29 card is officially starting to take shape, however a lot of these matches seem to have a familiarity about them, hence why I’ve given this years Wrestlemania the by-line #TheDoOver. If we look at the official card so far we have:2. Wrestlemania 28

  • The Rock v John Cena 2
  • Alberto Del Rio v “The Real American” Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter
  • The Undertaker v CM Punk
  • Plus a soon to be announced (we all know its coming) HHH v Brock Lesnar 2

Of these four matches only one is fresh and new (the defence of the streak), now your probably saying wait Del Rio v Swagger is new but let me explain. This match and storyline is so reminiscent of a storyline that WWE creative already used with JBL and Eddie Guerrero in 2004 & JBL and Rey Mysterio in 2006. During this time JBL was using a “True American Hero” gimmick and attempting to prevent illegal immigration while feuding with Mexican opponents, sounds very familiar right. Now in 2013 we have Jack Swagger as “The Real American” battling the “Mexican Aristocrat” Alberto Del Rio. I bet WWE creative hoped everyone had forgotten about that.

Then we have HHH v Brock Lesnar 2, this match is a rematch from Summerslam last year in which Brock Lesnar went over via submission. This led to the emotional semi-retirement speech/questioning from HHH and his removal from TV. Now that HHH is back and challenging Lesnar on the grandest stage I can only picture one outcome from this with a HHH victory and an inevitable rubber match some point down the line.

Finally we have The Rock v John Cena 2, or as WWE is billing it “redemption”. As a fan & someone who purchased last years Wrestlemania primarily due to the first match between these two, thinking this may actually be “once in a lifetime” I’m feeling a little slighted right now. Whilst I could almost see this coming after The Rock went over last year & then announced he would be going after the WWE Championship I am still somewhat jaded but understand that this can be the ultimate passing of the torch moment. Cena beating one of the greatest superstars of all time and at the same time winning richest prize in sports entertainment it will definitely cement his legacy as this generations biggest superstar. All that is assuming that WWE creative does in fact use this years Wrestlemania as #TheDoOver it needs to be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading & see you again soon.


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