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Does The Future Hold Millions of Dollers for the Real Deal?


 Welcome back again everybody; I think I need to come up with a catchy name for these articles if anyone has any cool suggestions let me know in the comments section. Last week I looked at a superstar that I see as a World Heavyweight Champion in the very near future. This week I want to highlight someone who caught my attention this week on Raw & whom I believe has the potential to climb up the card as a singles competitor, Titus O’Neil.

Titus was first introduced to the WWE universe on the second season of NXT with Zack Ryder as his manager. This outing onto the main stage of the WWE was definitely a disappointing one for O’Neil who only lasted four weeks and was the first person eliminated from the season.

Titus then returned to WWE’s developmental system, known at the time as FCW. Only to later return to the main stage on the fifth season of NXT: Redemption, this time being mentored by Hornswoggle. This season would definitely be considered a much more successful run for O’Neil and culminated in the formation of the tag team we now know as The Prime Time Players with Darren Young.

Whilst relatively successful this tag team combination has failed to win any championship gold, which is why I see the team breaking up in the future leading to O’Neil’s ‘barber shop window’ Shawn Michaels moment.

During his time as a member of the Prime Time Players O’Neil’s in ring anilities may have been somewhat hidden but it is undeniable that he has had a fantastic platform to showcase his mic skills and charisma. This was evident in a segment from 19th Nov 2012 on Raw when the Prime Time Players were featured on commentary ( And again this week on Monday night where he played the Rufus “Pancake” Patterson gimmick & was fantastic, especially in regards to getting a crowd response. Below is a Backstage Fallout segment featuring the new persona (

So whilst it is obvious that Titus still need more seasoning in the ring, especially in singles competition, he already ticks two of the most important boxes for superstars in the WWE. He has the look Vince likes at 6ft 6 and 270lbs, he also has the charisma & in my opinion is the main reason for the Prime Time Players success. This is why in my opinion if Titus O’Neil truly has the passion, dedication and drive required for success in professional wrestling he could rise to a much higher place on the card, possibly the top, if he capitalises on his breakout moment.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below or via Twitter @Appsy88.


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