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AJ Styles Meet & Greet

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the recent fan meet & greet with TNA Wrestler “The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles at the Hardrock Cafe in Sydney. For me personally this was really cool as AJ was one of the first wrestlers I saw when I first started watching TNA & he really captured my attention and had me hooked on the product/company.

The turn out however was surprising as there wasn’t anywhere near as many people as I thought there would have been, the event was also a little disappointing as a lot of the crowd was expecting an announcement of a tour by the company especially due to the way it had been promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

Once AJ had signed autographs & taken photos with everyone that arrived on time he left, this was only about 30-40 minutes after the signing started and given the time it was held, 4pm Monday, I would not have been surprised to hear that many people showed up after work and were left disappointed.

Thanks everyone for reading & I would love to hear from the other people there what you thought of the event so feel free to comment or contact me on twitter @Appsy88


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