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Long Awaited Return

So I am finally back from holiday and while it has taken a long time I have caught back up on all of the wrestling I missed while away. I now plan on returning to the old format of writing my personal opinions and reactions to any form of professional wrestling that I watch.

My holiday was a long time dream of mine and I figured that now that I’m finished uni it was the prefect time for me to embark on this grand adventure to the US. I visited Orlando and Los Angeles on a very quick two-week trip. Whilst there I was able to enjoy the theme parks that Orlando has to offer and many of the tourist attractions that Los Angeles and Hollywood has, oh and I also got to watch my first live Impact Wrestling and WWE events. I attended Hardcore Justice and the subsequent television taping for Impact Wrestling which were enjoyable but were soon to be blown out of the water by my experiences at WWE Summerslam.

I attended the first session of Summerslam Axxess and got to meet many of the stars of the WWE. I met The Miz, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley & Evan Bourne but I also got to see many others up close such as Wade Barrett, Sheamus, CM Punk, Triple H, Natalya, Hornswoggle, Zach Ryder & Edge.

The following day I attended Summerslam which was the first live WWE event I had ever been to and was absolutely amazed this event was so fun to be at live and I now plan on attending next time the WWE tours Australia.

If you have any feedback please feel free to leave comments below or contact me on Twitter @Appsy88.

Thanks for reading and I promise to have much more regular updates in the future.


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