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WWE Money In The Bank Review/Thoughts

WOW is probably the best way to sum up how I’m feeling after watching that PPV. For me this was my most anticipated wrestling PPV in a very long time and boy did it deliver. I’m not going to do the typical review blog here where I run through every match on the card instead I’m just gonna give my thoughts on the main matches that excited me. PS if you haven’t watched the PPV yet stop reading now because I’m likely to spoil it for you.

First is the Smackdown MITB match, I expected a lot from this match given the participants and was really happy with how it went. The main points to be taken from this match are the injury angle to Sin Cara, which I didn’t expect but thought it was done very well, Gabriels 450 splash was also very impressive but most of all the winning of this match was totally out of left field in my opinion. Daniel Bryan winning this match was not even a possibility in my mind prior to the event, but I must say I’m really excited about this as Bryan was the first indy guy that stood out to me when I began watching independent professional wrestling, when Bryan won the match the first thought that crossed my mind was that this may have only been done to keep the internet wrestling fans, such as myself, happy when later on in the night CM Punk lost, to my delight this wasn’t the case.

The next match that I want to review is the Raw MITB match, again I was expecting a lot from this match & again I wasn’t disappointed. Whilst the Raw MITB match wasn’t given as much time as the SMackdown match is was no less enjoyable & in my opinion even more innovative. The main talking points from this match are Bourne’s amazing Shooting Star Press on the outside, a possible Miz injury (but since Miz returned later in the match I don’t think this will be a major setback for him), one spot that I thought was really cool was when all of the participants were perched atop ladders battling for the briefcase (this was the sort of innovation I was expecting) &  finally Alberto Del Rio winning. Whilst I think Del Rio winning was to obvious & given one superstar a Royal Rumble & MITB victory in a single is too much I understand why it was done especially given the result of the WWE Championship match.

Next up was the World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton & Christian. I had high expectations leading into this match given the quality of the previous two encounters between these two, this match was somewhat of a letdown though. The main points to take away from this match were that Christian was able to use the stipulation to his advantage, which always seems to happen in the WWE, and the post-match beat down inflicted on Christian by Orton. Whilst I am happy that this feud will now more than likely continue onto Summerslam, mainly because I’m going to Summerslam this year, I would have liked for this to have gone down differently.

Finally it was time for the match we had all been waiting for, this was one match were I expected the story to overshadow the quality of the ring work however to my surprise these two men put on what is possibly the match of the year in the WWE. The crowd was right into this match which always makes watching at home so much more exciting, I loved the way this match slowly built up to the climax & the finish was fantastic, by just closing with Punk leaving the building through the crowd we are left to guess what might happen now & are compelled to watch Raw tomorrow. One thing that annoyed me, but I totally understand why it was done, was the fact that the cameras & commentators refused to show or mention Colt Cabana sitting in the front row even when Punk gave him a high-five. I would highly recommend this match to anyone who hasn’t already seen it & I’m now waiting impatiently for Raw tomorrow to hopefully get some answers.

As always thanks for reading & I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below or via twitter @Appsy88.


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