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WWE Money In The Bank Predictions

Up until three weeks ago I wasn’t feeling very excited about this PPV & thought that it would be a standard B-level show with very few talking points, that was until CM Punk’s now infamous promo on Raw. This PPV has now become a must see & I can only hope that Punk has resigned & there will be a fulfilling pay-off to this great angle.

  • Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella

This match will probably be your standard divas match, I see Kelly Kelly winning this one and continuing here massive push.

  • Mark Henry vs Big Show

This match involves two stalwarts of the WWE over the years & I imagine this will be very hard hitting. I think Mark Henry goes over in this one & continues on his warpath towards the World Champion.

  • Smackdown Money In The Bank Match – Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Sin Cara vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater

This match should be exciting as always, especially given the high flying abilities of Bryan, Sin Cara & Gabriel, I’m expecting to see some really innovative stuff from this match. As for who I believe will win it comes down to two men, Sheamus & Wade Barrett, while I’d like to see Barrett given another chance to challenge for the world title, this time without an entourage. I however think that based on the current direction on Smackdown Sheamus will come out victorious.

  • Raw Money In The Bank Match – Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston vs Alex Riley vs R-Truth vs The Miz vs Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio

Again this should be a very exciting match with the likes of Kingston, Mysterio & Bourne involved. I’m thinking that Alberto Del Rio is the most obvious choice for victory in this one but I could also see Bourne winning this one & cashing in later in the night against Punk and being the first MITB winner to lose after cashing in. For my prediction though I’m going with the obvious choice Alberto Del Rio.

  • World Heavyweight Championship Match – Randy Orton vs Christian

If this match is anywhere near the quality of the previous matches between these two it could very well steal the limelight from one if not both MITB Matches. While I would love to see this feud continue on to Summerslam, for selfish reasons as I will be there, I don’t think this will occur. I’m going to predict that this feud has a third party in Mark Henry added to the mix after a no contest due to Mark Henry attacking both men.

  • WWE Championship Match – John Cena vs CM Punk

This is the match that everyone is looking forward to & the outcome hinges entirely upon whether or not Punk has resigned with WWE, I think that he most likely has because I don’t believe that Vince McMahon would push Punk so strongly if he was leaving immediately following the PPV. My prediction for this match is that Punk wins the championship & is then immediately challenged by the Raw MITB winner at which point an indy invasion angle occurs, involving Colt Cabana, Seth Rollins/Tyler Black, Daniel Bryan & the Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnolli & Chris Hero), to help Punk retain the title.

Thanks for reading and as always I would love to hear your thoughts and predictions in the comments below or via twitter @Appsy88.


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