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ROH Best In The World

I just finished watching Ring Of Honor’s Best in The World iPPV and once again ROH delivered a fantastic show. The show featured some of ROH’s upcoming talent, such as Mike Bennett & a returning Jay Lethal,  as well as championship matches for the ROH Television, World Tag Team & World Titles.

The first half of the show was ok, with the highlight being Kevin Steen’s run-in/promo after the Steve Corino vs Michael Elgin match. For me though it is the second half of the show that really stands out in my mind. The Television championship match between Christopher Daniels and El Generico was really good, and Daniels once again proved how good he is and should definitely be used more on Impact Wrestling.

The next match was a four-way elimination tag team match for the ROH World Tag Team Titles, involving The Briscoes, The Kings Of Wrestling, The All Night Express & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. This match was one of the best tag team bouts I have seen in a very long time. I was once again impressed by the KOW and can only hope that WWE signs the pair, possibly to team up with Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), Daniel Bryan & CM Punk in an indy invasion angle, & doesn’t waste their immense talent. Kenny King was impressive and showed that he has a fantastic future in professional wrestling & I can see him as a future ROH world champion.

The iPPV was closed out with the world championship match between Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards. This match was so good it challenges Triple H and Undertaker from Wrestlemania as match of the year. I was so happy that Davey was given the title as he has deserved this honour for so long and I hope that he has a very long and successful run. I now hope Eddie is able to continue to improve and come back to challenge Davey in the future and give us fans another epic encounter.

Thanks ROH for providing wrestling fans with a real alternative to WWE & Impact Wrestling. Thanks everyone for reading and feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.


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