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Whilst I was in hospital last week I was listening to the Art of Wrestling & the I Want Wrestling podcasts and I kept hearing the wrestlers being interviewed talking about their time in Japan or watching Japanese wrestling tapes and it getting them really excited and even more motivated to get into the business. So i decided to try and get my hands on some Japanese DVD’s & single matches.

So far I’ve been able to get a hold of some New Japan Professional Wrestling (NJPW) matches, the best of Dragon Gate vol. 1 DVD, some NOAH matches and Dragon Gate USA’s UK Invasion DVD. Now whilst I haven’t finished watching of all these I am already very impressed and think I’m going to have a hard time going back and watching TNA/Impact Wrestling & WWE and enjoying them as much as I once did.

So far the standout performers for me have been Prince Devitt, I believe this guy has a very bright future in the business & will in my opinion be hired by either WWE or TNA or in the future, and BxB Hulk, this guy has a really interesting gimmick which I could see being very popular in the US & he has the in-ring ability also.

If anybody has any further recommendations for other DVD’s or particular matches I should find please let me know via the comments or through Twitter.


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