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It’s been while since I wrote a blog, as I’ve been in hospital, but whilst I was in hospital I found something that reignited my passion for professional wrestling & that was wrestling podcasts.

The two that I have been listening to are Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling & Dave Lagana’s I Want Wrestling. Just listening to these podcasts & hearing personal stories from wrestlers themselves on the Art Of Wrestling & the opinions of other fans & people involved in the business on I Want Wrestling has really reignited my passion for wrestling & has even made me search out & watch more indy & international stuff.
Colt’s Art Of Wrestling is great if you want to hear how some of your favourite wrestlers broke into the business & some funny road stories. This podcast helped me get through those really boring days in hospital & I found myself listening to 4 or 5 a day. Now that I’m home I’ve subscribed & downloaded every one and am planning on working my way though them one by one & am even planning on purchasing a Colt Cabana T-Shirt (from to ensure that Colt can continue to bring us these fantastic shows every week.
Dave Lagana’s I Want Wrestling podcast has been cool to listen to hear the opinions of other wrestling fans & from someone involved in the business. I would recommend that any true fan of wrestling listen to this podcast, especially the MVP & Low-Ki interviews.
Thanks for reading & feel free to leave comments below or even contact me on twitter @Appsy88.

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