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TNA Becomes Impact Wrestling

After watching this weeks TNA iMPACT!, guess that’s the last time I’ll be calling it that, I am a little more excited about the future of the company now to be known as Impact Wrestling. If the higher ups in the company follow through with their claims that the show will be more wrestling focused I can see them making great strides in their battle with WWE., as they have the roster to put on stellar matches week in week out.

The only problem I have with TNA/Impact Wrestling at the moment is they are trying so hard to differentiate themselves from WWE, who recently said they would no longer be marketing themselves as a wrestling company but rather as an entertainment company, by introducing this ‘wrestling matters’ slogan. Yet at the same time they are copying/imitating WWE by introducing the Sangriento character who all smart fans know is actually Amazing Red. Why couldn’t they just showcase Red and many of the other X-Division guys who originally built the company and bought the fans in in the first place, instead of hiding guys like Red and Daniels under masks.

So whilst I am happy that Impact Wrestling is going to showcase wrestling more and finally make ‘wrestling matter’ again I am still apprehensive and am going to take it with a wait and see type attitude, because unfortunately me and many other fans have been bitten by TNA in the past and they must now prove that they can deliver on promises before I get to excited for the future.


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