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New World Heavyweight Champion Christian

I just finished watching the World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match between Alberto Del Rio & Christian from Extreme Rules and am so happy that Christian was victorious. The man deserves this after so long in the business and for consistently being one of the best all-round performers year in year out.

The match itself was great probably one of the best matches in WWE this year. The pure emotion displayed by both Edge and Christian after the bell was fantastic, just to see to best friends there for each other was awesome and I will admit I marked out a little.

I am so happy for Christian he definitely deserves this run at the top after everything he has done for both the WWE and the business. Hopefully this title reign is a long one and cements Christian in the main event for the remainder of his career.

Congratulations Christian.


One response to “New World Heavyweight Champion Christian

  1. Appsy May 4, 2011 at 5:41 AM

    So I just read the spoilers for this weeks Smackdown & I cannot believe the disgraceful way VKM has treated Christian & the World Title. Christian most definitely deserved to get a longer title reign that what he has been granted.Whilst I like Orton I dont want to see him become the dominate champion on Smackdown a-la Cena on Raw, where the only time we get a new champion is if they beat Cena only to then loose the title back to Cena in a months time.

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