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Welcome Blog – Tough Enough Episode 2

Welcome to my blog. This is the first time that I’ve ever written a blog so hopefully over time these will get better & better. In this blog I plan on righting my reviews & opinions on any wrestling that I watch, whether that be WWE, TNA, ROH, independents, televised or live.

So the first program I’d like to review is episode 2 of WWE’s new reality television show Tough Enough. To recap I did watch episode one and found the show to be very entertaining & am looking forward to watching the entire season.

So the second episode started with the contestants going through some training drills & Matt was asked to show what he could do in the ring with Luke. Matt however failed to impress the trainers & honestly me, I was only disappointed because I have seen him perform live and know what he is capable of & could tell he was holding back.

Next the contests were asked to demonstrate their courage by running from attack dogs, this segment was OK but didn’t really fit in my opinion since this is a wrestling show, honestly how often will the winner be running from an attack dog in the WWE. The next segment was much more fitting as it was an in ring based courage challenge.

The bottom three contestants came as no surprise to me however I was sure that Matt was safe and that it would be one of the other two contestants going home. This confidence was however unfounded as Matt was eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin as he felt that Matt should have seized this opportunity rather than playing it safe & eliminated Matt for wasting his opportunity, personally I feel it should have been Ryan as I don’t believe he has the passion or will to commit to the WWE’s hectic schedule.
I could not believe Matt was eliminated from the show as he was my pick to win this season & I am now not as excited to watch the rest of the season as I had been last week but I will continue to watch to see if any of the other contestants stand out in the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading and if anybody has an advice or tips for improvement feel free to leave them in the comments section below.
Until next time, which will hopefully be Monday Night Raw, that’s my rant.

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