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Just wanting to let everybody know I’m merging this blog with my media blog to make my life a little easier.

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Screw It I Like Wrestling & I’m Going To Consume As Much As I Can In Any Shape Or Form!

So its been quiet a long time since I sat down to write some entries for this blog, but I’m very happy to say I am back and will be writing a minimum of one of these a week.

In my time away I had a brief stint writing for a wrestling news website, I have previously posted some of my favourite/best entries from that site below so if you have a chance please take the time to read those.

Also since I last wrote for this blog I have had some changes in my personal life, almost finished uni, studying journalism, and have recently moved into my own place.

Moving into my own place is where the topic of this particular entry originated.

In this entry I’d like to talk about something that I think almost all wrestling fans go through and that is the stigma that non-wrestling fans place on it and how it can affect our viewing habits.

Whilst I was living with friends, both of which knew I liked wrestling, I kept up with both the WWE and TNA but only very rarely watched anything else. This idea that our passion for wrestling can be dampened by the social stigma it has placed on has been talked about by Colt Cabana many times on his Art of Wrestling Podcast. So basically I was a casual fan.

Since moving into my own place however my love of wrestling has been reignited and I’ve been watching all the episodes of TNA and WWE I may have missed, I’ve even watched some indy promotions such as Evolve 22, Dragon Gate USA Freedom Fight and Mercury Rising, whilst also managing to find the time to cram in listening to wrestling podcasts, such as the Art of Wrestling, I Want Wrestling by Dave Lagana, The Steve Austin Show and am currently planning on attending some Australian indy shows in July.

So as you can tell I’ve gone a bit crazy but I’m loving it and can’t believe I was missing out on all of this because I was worried about what others would think.

For me this is the second time I have gone through this transition, I remember as a kid loving wrestling when we first got pay-TV at home back during the Monday Night Wars, but then drifting away during high school only to re-find wrestling when school finished then drifting away again when I begun living with non-wrestling fans.

I’d be very interested in hearing other people’s experiences with this phenomenon of losing interest only to eventually return, leave your stories in the comments below and hopefully we can generate a good discussion.

Thanks for reading

The Most Electrifying Premiere in All of Entertainment


Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to have the Australian Premiere of Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s new movie GI Joe Retaliation coincide with my day off from uni.

So I decided to make the two-hour train trip up to Sydney simply to be in the presence of the great one. When I arrived people had already staked out the best locations for fans, so I asked the nearest security guard where a good place to set myself up would be. He was nice enough to show me around to the area behind the media, which turned out to be perfect as I was able to get photos of all the stars as they did their interviews. Below I have embedded a montage of my best photos and a video of The Rock from my Youtube account.

I hope you all enjoyed reading & would love to hear if anyone else was able to attend in the comments section below or via Twitter @Appsy88.

Thanks for reading and I hope see you all again Sunday with my next article.

Does The Future Hold Millions of Dollers for the Real Deal?


 Welcome back again everybody; I think I need to come up with a catchy name for these articles if anyone has any cool suggestions let me know in the comments section. Last week I looked at a superstar that I see as a World Heavyweight Champion in the very near future. This week I want to highlight someone who caught my attention this week on Raw & whom I believe has the potential to climb up the card as a singles competitor, Titus O’Neil.

Titus was first introduced to the WWE universe on the second season of NXT with Zack Ryder as his manager. This outing onto the main stage of the WWE was definitely a disappointing one for O’Neil who only lasted four weeks and was the first person eliminated from the season.

Titus then returned to WWE’s developmental system, known at the time as FCW. Only to later return to the main stage on the fifth season of NXT: Redemption, this time being mentored by Hornswoggle. This season would definitely be considered a much more successful run for O’Neil and culminated in the formation of the tag team we now know as The Prime Time Players with Darren Young.

Whilst relatively successful this tag team combination has failed to win any championship gold, which is why I see the team breaking up in the future leading to O’Neil’s ‘barber shop window’ Shawn Michaels moment.

During his time as a member of the Prime Time Players O’Neil’s in ring anilities may have been somewhat hidden but it is undeniable that he has had a fantastic platform to showcase his mic skills and charisma. This was evident in a segment from 19th Nov 2012 on Raw when the Prime Time Players were featured on commentary ( And again this week on Monday night where he played the Rufus “Pancake” Patterson gimmick & was fantastic, especially in regards to getting a crowd response. Below is a Backstage Fallout segment featuring the new persona (

So whilst it is obvious that Titus still need more seasoning in the ring, especially in singles competition, he already ticks two of the most important boxes for superstars in the WWE. He has the look Vince likes at 6ft 6 and 270lbs, he also has the charisma & in my opinion is the main reason for the Prime Time Players success. This is why in my opinion if Titus O’Neil truly has the passion, dedication and drive required for success in professional wrestling he could rise to a much higher place on the card, possibly the top, if he capitalises on his breakout moment.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below or via Twitter @Appsy88.

The Pro’s & Con’s of Showing Off at Wrestlemania


After watching Raw yesterday, I saw what I hope is the beginning of a very exciting storyline for “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler & Daniel Bryan put on a very exciting match that very well could have been on a PPV undercard with Dolph finally breaking his losing streak.RAW_1016_Photo_003

I believe & hope that this could be the start of a month long rebuilding of the Ziggler character. Climaxing with the ultimate form of showing off by successfully cashing in his Money In The Bank Contract at Wrestlemania 29 to win the World Heavyweight Championship. There are both pro’s and con’s to this storyline


  1. Cements his character as the ultimate showoff
  2. Allows WWE to put Swagger over Del Rio after having invested so much time in him, whilst at the same time punishing him for his recent DUI offence.
  3. Finally turns Ziggler face after receiving this reaction from a large part of the WWE Universe for some time now.
  4. Gets Ziggler the Wrestlemania appearance bonus that his work over the last year deserves.


  1. His recent losing streak diminishes his credibility as a strong champion.
  2. WWE creative may want to capitalise on the mainstream media attention Swagger has brought the company by making him champion instead.
  3. A Ziggler victory could get lost in the star power of Lesnar, HHH, CM Punk, Undertaker, Cena & The Rock. (This is the biggest con in my opinion)

As I’ve said I believe this would be a huge step for Ziggler’s character, however it may be better left to a later PPV such as Payback in June.

I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions in the comments section below or via Twitter @Appsy88

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you all again later in the week.

Wrestlemania 29 – #TheDoOver


So the Wrestlemania 29 card is officially starting to take shape, however a lot of these matches seem to have a familiarity about them, hence why I’ve given this years Wrestlemania the by-line #TheDoOver. If we look at the official card so far we have:2. Wrestlemania 28

  • The Rock v John Cena 2
  • Alberto Del Rio v “The Real American” Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter
  • The Undertaker v CM Punk
  • Plus a soon to be announced (we all know its coming) HHH v Brock Lesnar 2

Of these four matches only one is fresh and new (the defence of the streak), now your probably saying wait Del Rio v Swagger is new but let me explain. This match and storyline is so reminiscent of a storyline that WWE creative already used with JBL and Eddie Guerrero in 2004 & JBL and Rey Mysterio in 2006. During this time JBL was using a “True American Hero” gimmick and attempting to prevent illegal immigration while feuding with Mexican opponents, sounds very familiar right. Now in 2013 we have Jack Swagger as “The Real American” battling the “Mexican Aristocrat” Alberto Del Rio. I bet WWE creative hoped everyone had forgotten about that.

Then we have HHH v Brock Lesnar 2, this match is a rematch from Summerslam last year in which Brock Lesnar went over via submission. This led to the emotional semi-retirement speech/questioning from HHH and his removal from TV. Now that HHH is back and challenging Lesnar on the grandest stage I can only picture one outcome from this with a HHH victory and an inevitable rubber match some point down the line.

Finally we have The Rock v John Cena 2, or as WWE is billing it “redemption”. As a fan & someone who purchased last years Wrestlemania primarily due to the first match between these two, thinking this may actually be “once in a lifetime” I’m feeling a little slighted right now. Whilst I could almost see this coming after The Rock went over last year & then announced he would be going after the WWE Championship I am still somewhat jaded but understand that this can be the ultimate passing of the torch moment. Cena beating one of the greatest superstars of all time and at the same time winning richest prize in sports entertainment it will definitely cement his legacy as this generations biggest superstar. All that is assuming that WWE creative does in fact use this years Wrestlemania as #TheDoOver it needs to be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading & see you again soon.

AJ Styles Meet & Greet

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the recent fan meet & greet with TNA Wrestler “The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles at the Hardrock Cafe in Sydney. For me personally this was really cool as AJ was one of the first wrestlers I saw when I first started watching TNA & he really captured my attention and had me hooked on the product/company.

The turn out however was surprising as there wasn’t anywhere near as many people as I thought there would have been, the event was also a little disappointing as a lot of the crowd was expecting an announcement of a tour by the company especially due to the way it had been promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

Once AJ had signed autographs & taken photos with everyone that arrived on time he left, this was only about 30-40 minutes after the signing started and given the time it was held, 4pm Monday, I would not have been surprised to hear that many people showed up after work and were left disappointed.

Thanks everyone for reading & I would love to hear from the other people there what you thought of the event so feel free to comment or contact me on twitter @Appsy88

Raw 1000 Thoughts

So the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw just finished and overall it was really fun to watch & great way to spend the morning on my birthday. There was however even less in ring action than a normal Raw and that’s saying something, however all of the returns and cameo appearances of past Raw legends made up for this and made it an enjoyable 3 hours of television.

My favourite moments were the Degeneration X reunion with the whole crew, minus Chyna of course, the CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & Rock segment, the reunion of the Brothers of Destruction & finally the ending of the show with CM Punk laying out the Rock and laying the foundation for their feud leading into a match for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble next year.

The Degeneration segment was really fun purely for the nostalgic feeling it had seeing all of the members of the faction back together & I especially liked having Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac coming out on the Jeep that was used during the WCW invasion.

The next moment that stood out to me was the segment involving the Rock, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan. During this segment the Rock announced that at  next years Royal Rumble he would be facing whoever holds the WWE Championship at that time. I liked this segment because it proved that both Punk and Bryan can hold their own on the mic with the greatest talker of all time in the industry, I would however have preferred if Bryan hadn’t taken the Rock Bottom as I fear that may hurt him down the line.

The next big moment was the return of the Undertaker to help his brother Kane against the current job squad of the WWE; Hawkins, Reks, Jinder Mahal, Hunico, Comacho & Drew McIntyre. This was another fun segment for its nostalgia factor but didn’t really further any story lines. Another thing that struck me about this segment is just how far McIntyre has fallen from grace.

Finally the show ended really strong with a heel turn by Cm Punk as he stood idly by as Big Show attacked John Cena which led to the Rock making the save only to then be taken out by Punk. I loved this segment because it lays a solid foundation for the feud between the Rock and Punk leading up to a payoff with a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble and left CM Punk looking very strong as the face of the company. Im also happy that Punk finally got to be in the actual main event of the show albeit it had to be with John Cena also.

I would love to hear feedback and opinions my readers have wither in the comments below or via twitter @Appsy88

Thanks for reading and hope to do this much more regularly form now on.

Long Awaited Return

So I am finally back from holiday and while it has taken a long time I have caught back up on all of the wrestling I missed while away. I now plan on returning to the old format of writing my personal opinions and reactions to any form of professional wrestling that I watch.

My holiday was a long time dream of mine and I figured that now that I’m finished uni it was the prefect time for me to embark on this grand adventure to the US. I visited Orlando and Los Angeles on a very quick two-week trip. Whilst there I was able to enjoy the theme parks that Orlando has to offer and many of the tourist attractions that Los Angeles and Hollywood has, oh and I also got to watch my first live Impact Wrestling and WWE events. I attended Hardcore Justice and the subsequent television taping for Impact Wrestling which were enjoyable but were soon to be blown out of the water by my experiences at WWE Summerslam.

I attended the first session of Summerslam Axxess and got to meet many of the stars of the WWE. I met The Miz, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley & Evan Bourne but I also got to see many others up close such as Wade Barrett, Sheamus, CM Punk, Triple H, Natalya, Hornswoggle, Zach Ryder & Edge.

The following day I attended Summerslam which was the first live WWE event I had ever been to and was absolutely amazed this event was so fun to be at live and I now plan on attending next time the WWE tours Australia.

If you have any feedback please feel free to leave comments below or contact me on Twitter @Appsy88.

Thanks for reading and I promise to have much more regular updates in the future.

Raw Thoughts – Game On

The last few weeks of Monday Night Raw have been some of the best television the WWE has produced since the Nexus angle last year and after Money In the Bank this week was shaping up to be no different. However this week started flat and was looking like we had returned to mediocre weekly program once more, that was until the final segment.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy to see much more in-ring action than usual but I felt that moving straight into a tournament to crown a new champion was the wrong way to go and somewhat devalued the ending to MITB. The matches weren’t really all that exciting either, although the semi-finals of The Miz vs Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth were both very good.

I begun to think something was up when the last semi-final match between Rey & Truth started with only 20 minutes remaining in the show, as I thought surely they aren’t going to squeeze two matches and the Cena McMahon segment into such a short time. I was right as the final of the tournament was postponed until next week, I hope that this means a new title belt which Punk can then return to challenge for to crown the true WWE Champion.

I thought the final segment was really well done, and I will admit I popped for the not so subtle Impact Wrestling reference by John Cena & then again when Triple H’s music hit. I love the fact that the WWE is playing off of what we already know in regards to the future of the company with Triple H being groomed to be the leader of the company. My only negative from the whole segment was the injunction line, this could have easily been left out as I think it draws to close a parallel to the recent Dixie Carter vs Immortal storyline from Impact Wrestling, I think the segment would have come across just as well had they just stuck with the “Vince you have been relieved of your duties” line.

There my thoughts on yesterdays program & as always I would love to hear what you guys think in the comments or on twitter @Appsy88.

Thanks for reading.